Cycling and Recycling!

Posted by on Jan 16, 2012; 14:26
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2011 was a year most remembered for massive upheaval and change the world over. Revolutions and riots aside, other far-reaching shifts also occurred, including Brazil overtaking the UK as the world’s sixth largest economy. Brazil, who’d have thunk it? With what were once ‘developing’ nations now consuming, spending, producing and polluting as the West does, something’s gotta give. So wide awake to the reality that there is no Planet B, the green team at Jacob Bailey have created a brand new Plan A for our operations.

We’ve always been very conscious of our effect on the environment and as a company we’ve taken proactive steps to reduce our impact on our planet’s resources. As London Environmental Manager I’ve kickstarted a number of new initiatives in accordance with our ISO14001 accreditation. Beyond recycling paper and card, we now also recycle all plastics and aluminium and only print on paper sourced from sustainable forests.

Since November, all of our office supplies are socially and environmentally kind: we keep alert with Fairtrade coffee, support Sao Toméan cocoa farmers with delicious hot chocolate, and treat our clients to organic biscuits. Even our cleaning products are plant-based, so unlike standard cleaning petrochemicals, they biodegrade and actually give back to the earth. Eco-logical!

We purposefully do not run a fleet of company cars, but instead cycle, walk, or take public transport to the office and meetings whenever possible. When those options aren’t practical, we’ll car/taxi share, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint.

In the eloquent words of Richard Branson, “Screw business as usual” – time is running out for a much-needed respectful, collective ethic and we at JB have made a proud stand to run a sustainable business. The team and our clients value working for and with a caring and responsible company, so we’ll continue to seek new ways to make our operations even greener throughout 2012.

Going for Gold

Posted by on Aug 10, 2012; 15:32
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As the London 2012 Olympics draws to a close, Team JB have been looking back over the past 2 weeks at their favourite moments from this sporting spectacular. Abbie has reveled in the daily Google doodles. And, becoming increasingly patriotic over the past fortnight, she has delighted in everyone coming together as one nation –…
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Farewell and Fairtrade

Posted by on Apr 16, 2012; 11:45
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As we finish up the last of a rather large batch of cookies we bought to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight back in March, I’m glad of the energy boost provided by their chocolatey goodness as I set about handing over my client accounts to the rest of the team. As spring finally kicks in, I thought what better…
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Three more years…

Posted by on Feb 21, 2012; 11:44
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After a recent review I’m pleased to announce that Jacob Bailey has been accredited with the BSi ISO14001 environmental management standard for another 3 years. This is great news – although we’re a low risk organisation it doesn’t stop us from striving to minimise the impacts that we do impose on our environment. We have…
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New Year & Another New Arrival

Posted by on Jan 9, 2012; 18:04
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So Christmas has been and gone and 2012 is upon us. Same old story – ate too much, drank too little, and it all went by in the blink of an eye. Feels like only yesterday that I was sitting by my Windows 95 PC waiting for the millennium bug to hit, but I digress……
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3 is the Magic Number

Veronica set off for pastures new last month and her’s were such big shoes to fill (metaphorically of course) that we had to recruit three new team members to replace her! That’s not strictly true… Account Manager Victoria (pictured, left) has actually been with us for a few months now. I know, I know, I…
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