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Activities Unlimited Website

Science and Magic Labs

We ran Science and Magic Labs with key stakeholders and users to really understand what was needed from the website for both Activities Unlimited and their audiences.


Rather than just lift and shift the existing site to a new CMS, we redeveloped it from the ground up to create a user experience that delivered right across the board.


This was a website without compromise. Everything looked great while remaining 100% accessible through some very clever design solutions.

The Problem

Activities Unlimited (AU) provide activities and respite care for children and young people with additional needs and disabilities in Suffolk. Despite AU having a website, workflows, data collection and bookings were still paper and call based. AU staff hated the clunky content management system (CMS) and social workers had drifted away from the site. AU wanted to shift the site onto a SilverStripe CMS and move all admin processes from offline to online to bring about channel shift from traditional calls.

The Solution

We adopted a user centric approach and immediately saw it wasn't enough to just change the CMS. We needed to change the whole experience to become truly inclusive if we were going to make life better for all the users and decided to re-work every aspect of the site within the existing budget. We wanted to make the site work harder in terms of lead generation and bookings through better profiling along with cross and up-sell opportunities. We set the objective of capturing data to open up conversations with users and make the website more direct response driven.


Task success rate increased from below 50% to over 70%

Bookings increased on average by 50%

56% more time spent on the site

We have reduced the admin time to manage enrolments and bookings from six weeks to 15 minutes.

Linda Smith County Manager
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