Superfast success in Lancashire, Worcestershire and Surrey

BT are investing to rollout superfast fibre broadband across the UK and we have been delighted to be the creative force behind many of these rollouts.


A distinctive style, charming wit and subject matter that couldn't be anywhere else in the UK. Our creative approach based around witty illustrations brought Superfast Surrey to life.


Direct mail and data led online activity spread the word that fast, reliable broadband was now available throughout Surrey.


Carefully segmented messages backed up by witty imagery ensured our creative communications hit the mark across a diverse audience.

The Problem

Working with Surrey Council, BT had to spread word and engage the Surrey community with Superfast Broadband.

The Solution

Each of our Superfast rollouts have been firmly rooted in the locality and Surrey was no exception. Walter Newton’s superb illustration work combined local landmarks and lifestyle to bring carefully considered messages to life. From mobility scooters overtaking dragsters to sheep watching ‘YewTube’, we got the point across to every segment in a truly memorable way.

The Statistics

homes in Surrey can benefit from BT Superfast Broadband

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