A new village in the garden of England

Brand Strategy

In creating a vision for a new village in Ashford, Kent, we turned to poetry to help us convey the feelings of home.

Brand Identity

A friendly, welcoming tone of voice was at the heart of a flexible brand identity.


The right use of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) really brought the sales proposition to life.

The Problem

The issue for developers, Crest Nicholson, was how do they make such a large scale development feel personal to potential buyers and how do they differentiate from other similar new build developments in the area?

The Solution

Our strategic and creative approach has provided the inspiration for a new community in which thousands of people will live.

Finberry is not just a housing development. It's a way of life. A place to put down roots and feel part of a community. We created a brand toolkit to ensure that we embedded the spirit of that vision in everything we produced; from emails, brochures, ad campaigns or signage.

A development of this size doesn't happen all at once! As the overarching place name of Finberry was established, each phase was given its own unique name with visual styling to clearly show that it belonged to the Finberry development.

It was also important to maintain the vision of idyllic village life, a safe community with clean air to breathe as this will always be attractive to people buying a new home.

The Statistics

new homes

year build program

video views before launch

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