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We ran Science and Magic Labs with key stakeholders and customers to help them develop a strategic brand spine to transform their business.


The rebrand went well beyond a visual identity system, transforming the experience of visiting and working with Ryan’s completely.


By developing a brand strategy that resonated with their target audience, we were able to significantly increase their profits.

The Problem

Ryan’s are an insurance broker with a 40-year history and a good reputation for bespoke and niche insurance services, but their loyal customer base was ageing. There was a real need to reach out to new, younger audiences and to be perceived as a 21st Century business to support their P&L.

The Solution

We knew that Ryan’s had to get back to the very heart of why they do what they do before we could begin to unlock their brand promise. We began with a series of Science and Magic Labs to help define their vision, values, brand proposition and promise. This brand strategy formed the backbone of the visual identity system: a logo which represents the untangling of insurance into clear and simple language, authentic imagery inviting customers into the business and championing real people, a bright, friendly and contemporary look and feel – all supported by changing the name from Ryan’s Insurance to simply Ryan’s.

Our creative work transformed more than their digital, physical and print presence; it transformed their entire sense of identity and how they behaved as a business.


increase in user numbers

increase in unique page views

more time spent on the site

Our profits have increased, and then increased again since Jacob Bailey worked with us to create our Brand Strategy and Corporate Identity. Via what they call their ‘i5’ approach, our team now have a strong sense of purpose and focus, knowing exactly where we are going, what we stand for, and of course, our brand promise to our customers. I was more than happy to write this testimonial because it not only demonstrates how an effective brand strategy can positively impact company culture but also its P&L – and some.

Tim Ryan Executive Chairman, Ryan’s Executive Chairman, UNA Alliance Ltd Chairman, BIBA Networks and MGA Advisory Board
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